I bet you didn't realize dental photography is such an up close experience.
​Thank goodness for yoga.

A Slice of Hollywood in Atlanta

Dogs are a central part of my life. Thanks to Lifeline and Georgia English Bulldog Rescue, I've been able to make a difference in the lives of dogs who need a home. It's been especially fulfilling to offer that assistance using my skills as a photographer.
Georgia Enlgish Bulldog Rescue
Fulton County Animal Shelter
Thank you Donovan Dodds for the portraits 

Loving life photographing cookbooks in Malibu with
Chef Muriel and food stylist Loetta. You can find them
​(the books and Chef Muriel) on HSN.
Here we are "backstage" at a shoot I did in the Delta Terminal. I had to get my equipment, my models and myself through complex security that included a background check. Did I mention I found the models for the client? Worth it for a picture on the tarmac!
Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation is a non-profit that takes Veterans up for a ride in a bi-plan. ​A retirement community client of mine partnered with the Ageless Aviation and had me do this shoot. I figured it wouldn't be complete until we had pictures from ​the cockpit. What a blast! 

Thank you to True Glory Hair, Studio Twist and Georgia English Bulldog Rescue. I took a big risk upgrading my equipment to medium format and your business has made it all worth while.

I was hired to consult for an online vendor wanting to expand from still pictures into full 360° moving models. They wanted a design that was simple enough that anyone could take professional pictures, they wanted to replicate it across 3 states and to train employees at every location. To accomplish this I designed a brand new
(and now proprietary) method for 360° illumination, developed 4 studio layouts and trained 15 full-time employees. This was a 6 month project that called on my skills as a photographer, a consultant, a manager and as a teacher. 
​​​​​I always get the same reaction when people see this photograph:

Where are the footprints?

Well, here is proof that it isn't Photoshop. I carried the chair over a mile into
​Death Valley and jumped to keep the frame clear.